Three Unique Tactics To Revive and Monetize Your Email List

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No matter what you're selling–physical products, info products, or affiliate products–you can use these three unique tactics to revive and monetize your email list. Are you ready?

Connect your list to Facebook Ads

I am aware that this isn't a new thing, but I don't mean just connecting your general newsletter to facebook and sending salesy ads to it. The great thing about Facebook ads vs emails is that they don't have to be clicked open to be seen. Check out these ideas and give them a try if you'd like:

  1. Send birthday ads! People LOVE being recognized and celebrated. It makes them feel valued and we all love to feel valued. Make a segment in your email marketing software that includes people who have a birthday within the next 30 (or 14, or 7) days. Connect that segment to facebook (Klaviyo does this automatically) and send a “Happy Birthday” ad to those people. Don't try to sell anything, just celebrate them. This increases brand awareness, helps your people to feel valued, and builds the relationship between you and them. You could even offer them a gift like a discount code or gift card. Use a campaign objective with a low CPM like Reach or Brand Awareness to keep these ads super cost-effective.
    • In order to do this, you need to add a “Date” field to your signup form(s). Connect it to a profile property titled “Birthday” so you can easily segment it.
  2. Send thank you's! You can use Facebook ads to thank your customers. Again, this is for the purpose of increasing brand awareness, helping your customers to feel valued, and standing out against a sea of salesy ads. Your customers will appreciate the gesture. Simply segment out your customers and connect that segment to a separate Facebook audience. Create a nice thank you video and pump it out to your customers from the last 30 days! Again, use a campaign objective with a low CPM to keep ads low-cost.
  3. Create a lookalike audience of your current subscribers. A lookalike audience is a group of people on facebook who are similar to the source group. If you have at least 1,000 emails in your list, you can create a valuable lookalike audience of new prospects to market. Facebook is brilliantly effective at creating look-a-like audiences so if you haven't used your email list as a source audience yet, try it now!

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