The Best Dropshipping Apps for 2020

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As someone who has successfully run multiple 7-figure dropshipping stores, I know what works and what doesn't. I've tried hundreds of apps and have come up with a list of must-haves for a successful dropshipping business. If you'd like to know what the best dropshipping apps are right now, keep reading.


Dropified is the engine behind the most successful dropshipping stores because it has the most automation capabilities. It really does allow your dropshipping business to run itself. With Dropified, you can place hundreds of orders with the click of a button, import products seamlessly, automatically solve CAPTCHA, find winning products, update prices, and the list goes on. Plus, if you integrate your Dropified account with Admitad, then you can earn cashback on every purchase that you place with your suppliers. I've used Oberlo and other popular apps and I HIGHLY recommend Dropified over all of them.


Recart is a Facebook Messenger integration app that works in two wonderful ways: 1. It gets people to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger list where you can send them updates, discounts, and abandoned cart reminders; and 2. It gives them an extra push to checkout if you offer them a discount for subscribing.


Limespot is my vote for the best dropshipping app because of how simple, yet effective it is. In one year, it generated over half a million dollars in extra revenue for one of my stores (see screenshot). It uses AI to show customers the products they want to buy throughout their shopping experience, and it just works. If you only get one app, get this one!


Reconvert works by offering your customers a discount on the thank you page after they complete their purchase. This works really well if you offer your customers a deep discount (30% or more) for a limited time. My conversion rate for one store that uses Reconvert is close to 10%, meaning 10% of customers place another order immediately after checkout. Imagine adding 10% more value to your bottom line!


The Vitals app is actually 40+ apps in one, and they continue to add new features regularly. Some examples of what is included in vitals are: Product Bundles, Wheel of Fortune (similar to Wheelio), Sticky Add to Cart, Countdown Timer, Recent Sales (similar to Sales Pop)… the list goes on. The value you get for the price is incredible, and for that reason this is one app I won't go without.

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