How to Automate Your Dropshipping Business

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One of the best things about dropshipping is the ability to automate it so that your business makes money even when you're not working. I have been able to automate all of my dropshipping stores to the point that all I need to do is work on marketing and everything else is taken care of. If you want to start automating your business but you're not sure where to start, keep reading.

The first step to automating your business is to utilize Dropified. If you're not using Dropified, you're losing at *least* 20 hours a week on tasks that could be done automatically with Dropified. Try it free for 14-days! Trust me, you won't look back.


If you're feeling swamped with running all of the day-to-day tasks in your business, it's time to hire help. With modern technology, you can hire someone today for as little as $2-3 USD. This is possible because of the currency exchange. $2-3 in American dollars is a comfortable wage for someone in the Philippines. We have hired multiple Philippino contractors and they have all been honest, competent, hard-working individuals who are dedicated to our success. The process is easy and you can have a new contractor in as little as 2-3 days!

I recommend using to find quality contractors. It's easy, and you can screen individuals for the skills and experience you require. I always put a request like “Please include Ref # 24894 in the Subject Line” in the job post as a quick and easy way to filter out applicants who can't follow simple instructions.

I use Skype to do video interviews. Then I have them complete a task to test their competency. If they do well, I hire them! When you hire someone, it will immediately automate your dropshipping business at a level that seems almost like magic.


Training Philippino employees is easy with software like Screencast-o-Matic. This is one of my best-kept-secrets that I LOVE sharing with people because so little know about it! It's so affordable and it works just as well, if not better, than way more expensive and well-known screen recording software.

I use Screencast-o-Matic to record my screen as I perform the tasks that I want to pass off to my contractor. You can record, edit, and publish the videos you record all in the same place. It's super simple, super affordable, and it works very well.

Password Sharing

One of the things you'll need to do with your new contractor(s) is to share passwords. Fear not, there is a safe and easy way to do this! LastPass is an app that generates secure passwords, stores them securely, and gives you the option to share them with people without them seeing your actual password. All they need to do is download LastPass, then you can share your password with them and they will see the placeholder dots instead of the actual characters (see image).

Time Tracking and Paying Contractors

Time tracking and paying contractors anywhere in the world has never been easier. I use HubStaff to track time, monitor activity, and pay my contractors automatically. A few things I love about HubStaff:

First, the price. It's $10/month for the Premium plan for 1 contractor.

Next, accuracy. HubStaff will stop recording time if the contractor is idle, meaning I don't pay for work that's not being done. It also takes screenshots of their screens so you can make sure they're actually working while recording time.

Lastly, automation. If you have PayPal, you can set up HubStaff to pay your contractor(s) automatically on the day and time of your choice.

Realistically, this is one of those things you can set and forget. It. is. AWESOME. Try HubStaff FREE for 14 days here!

Get Started

If you're ready to get started, go ahead and record your tasks now with Screencast-o-Matic so that when you find the right contractor, you can just send them the videos and let them get to work right away. Good luck with your search, I know you'll LOVE having so much more free time to focus on the things that really GROW your business!

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