The Only Email Marketing App That Makes Sense For Ecommerce

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If you are selling physical products in your online store then your main goal is to create customers. You want purchases. Email marketing is a HUGE aspect of marketing for physical products and often times will be your biggest ROI.

When I started email marketing, I used Aweber, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and then I finally settled in with Klaviyo and haven’t looked back. Klaviyo is hands-down the best email marketing app for physical products and I’ll list out exactly why in this article.

1) Klaviyo is pre-stocked with ready-to-send templates and flows.

Klaviyo comes stocked full of templates and flows that are ready-to-send. For example, when you open a brand new Klaviyo account, you will have a Welcome flow, Abandoned Cart flow, Browse Abandonment flow, and Customer Thank You flow already set up and ready to go. You of course can customize these flows but you don’t have to.

2) Klaviyo syncs with your platforms easily.

Klaviyo syncs with your Shopify, Amazon Marketplace, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Stripe, Zendesk, and Facebook ads account, as well as many other platforms and apps. No need for Zapier or another integration app to get things connected!

3) Klaviyo automatically segments your users for you.

Meaning, you don’t have to go through and create 20 different segments just to get started. Right off the bat, Klaviyo segments your users into many different categories like Potential Purchasers, Win-Back Opportunities, Repeat Buyers, Engaged Users, and Churn Risks, among others.

4) You can edit and customize your emails easily and quickly.

Not to knock on other platforms, but editing and customizing your messages in Klaviyo is insanely easy. Forget editing code or copying and pasting. Drag it, drop it, and forget it. And the customizations are endless. There are so many possibilities and it is SO easy that I'm thinking about outsourcing it to my toddler.

5) You can start sending emails (and making money) today.

You can literally open your account, sync your apps, and start sending emails immediately. As business owners, we don’t have time to mess around with coding or extra work. Klaviyo takes care of that mindless work for you and makes it easy for you to start making money right away.


Email marketing is known as the king of marketing for a reason. With an average ROI of 4000%, (that's $40 in revenue for every $1 you spend) you’d have to be nuts (or allergic to money) to not get started right away. If you have a physical product or products that you sell, I would recommend Klaviyo a million times over for the 5 reasons stated above. Waste no time, set up your account here and start making that money today!

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