How to Develop Powerful Habits

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We humans are creatures of habit. We have evolved over thousands of years to like routine, to like predictability and to become ingrained in a certain series of events. Most of us, therefore, have a routine that we pretty much follow every single day. Maybe you start your day by waking up, making breakfast, having a shower, getting dressed and …

How Much Time Does Dropshipping Require?

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How much time does dropshipping require? This is one of those questions that will have a different answer for every person and that I can only answer from my own experience. I can break it down for you into 3 sections: Section 1: Starting Out When we first started, we were both working (me from home as a doula agency …

The Best Dropshipping Apps for 2020

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As someone who has successfully run multiple 7-figure dropshipping stores, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve tried hundreds of apps and have come up with a list of must-haves for a successful dropshipping business. If you’d like to know what the best dropshipping apps are right now, keep reading. Dropified Dropified is the engine behind the most successful …

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How To Start a Profitable Online Store for Less Than $100

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With the advances being made in technology, it is not only possible, but also incredibly easy to start an online retail business in about a day–and for less money than a nice dinner out for two would cost you. Shopify keeps making strides to improve ease and efficiency for online retailers, meaning there has never been a better time, in …

facebook ads trainings for e-commerce

Top 3 Facebook Ads Trainings for Dropshipping

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The number one pain point for dropshippers time and time again is Facebook Ads. While the platform is easily the most effective marketing platform the world has ever known, it does come with a steep learning curve, and often changes as soon as you get it down. Those who can “hack” the system are the ones who will find the …